Terms and Conditions

These are the Official Rules that govern how Maybank’s #MaybankFintech programme operates (the “Programme”). In these rules, “we”, “our” and “us” refer to Malayan Banking Berhad (the “Bank” or “Maybank”), the sponsor of the Programme. “You” and “Yourself” refer to an eligible team or entrant. We encourage you to carefully review details for this Programme before registering or submitting an entry.

  • By joining the Programme, all teams/entrants are deemed to have read, understood and agreed to be bound by these Terms & Conditions and agree that any decisions of the Bank in relation to every aspect of the Programme, including the (i) selection of team/entrant who will advance to the next stage; and (ii) determination of the successful team/entrant or potential winners, is final, binding and conclusive. No correspondence, queries, appeals or protests will be entertained. Unless otherwise stated, you are eligible to enter if you meet the following requirements at time of registration:
  • Important note about Copyright, and Free Licenses: Your team’s entire entry must only include material (including source code, if any – both open source and third party sourced, user interface, music, video, images etc.) that you own or that you have permission from the copyright/trademark owner to use. Make citations/ references where necessary and applicable. Your team’s entry may not include copyrighted materials (including source code, if any – both open source and third party sourced, user interface, background music, images or video) unless you own or have permission to use the materials.
  • Should you be selected to advance to the next stage, a different set of terms and conditions may be made known to you and you are expected to agree and accept them before you can proceed. Each stage of the Programme may have its own set of terms and conditions and they may vary according to which stream of the Programme you will be slotted into.
  • The Bank, the directors, employees, agents, advisors thereof, and of our subsidiaries and affiliates, shall not be liable in any way whatsoever to any person or party for any loss, damage, injury, liability, action, cost, or expense incurred, suffered or borne arising from or related to this Programme.
  • By participating in this Programme, all teams/entrants agree and consent to your personal data being collected, processed and used by the Bank in accordance with Maybank Group’s Privacy Notice, which may be viewed on this website at www.maybankfintech.com (“Privacy Notice”).
  • In addition and without prejudice to the terms in the Privacy Notice, you agree and consent to your personal data or information being collected, processed and used by the Bank for:
  1. The purposes of the Programme;
  2. Marketing and promotional activities conducted in such manner as the Bank see fit in any media including but not limited to any form of advertising or publicity media and materials such as audio and/or visual recordings published through newspapers, television networks, radio stations or online and digital media and on the Internet, without further express consent from the Eligible Clients’. Marketing and promotion activities includes without limitation the use and/or publication of any details provided in and/or in connection to the entries, interviews material as well responses and related photographs. In this regard, you agree to co-operate and participate without further express consent and/or payment or consideration, in all reasonable advertising and publicity activities of the Bank in relation to the Programme;
  3. Other promotional, marketing and publicity notification/ information including future promotional, marketing and publicity notification/ information from the Bank from time to time.
  • The selected team/entrants agree that you will at the Bank’s absolute discretion be required to attend and participate in the activities that follow and/or other related events organised by the Bank (if any) and if any of the selected participants fail to attend such ceremony(ies) and/or events, the Bank reserves the right to forfeit their entry and/or select another participant.
  • The Bank reserves the right at their sole and absolute discretion to subsequently disqualify any eligible team/entrant upon reasonable grounds, or from time to time amend, vary, delete, or add to these Terms and Conditions, or to cancel, terminate or suspend the Programme at any time without any prior notice, reference or liability whatsoever to any person or party.
  • In the event of any inconsistency or conflict between these Terms & Conditions and those in any brochure, marketing, or any other materials relating to the Programme, these Terms & Conditions, shall prevail.
  • These Terms & Conditions and any contract(s) relating to or arising from the same shall be governed by and construed in all respects in accordance with the laws of Malaysia, and all parties and each team/entrant submits to the exclusive jurisdiction of the Malaysian Courts in the event of any dispute relating to or arising from the Programme.